Still alive

Good grief, it’s been a long time since that last timestamp, hasn’t it?  Without getting into details, real life has been getting out of hand for a while now, but I’m planning to start regular posting again shortly.

First of all, welcome to everyone who followed the link from The Worst Bestsellers and their awesome shout-out on episode 74!  TWB is one of my favorite podcasts; they read and review books of dubious quality, and their mix of snark, feminism and librarianship is always a delight.  It’s a pleasure to give back on Patreon and help keep Duarte in cat treats.

Here’s an overview of some of the things I’m planning:

  • Resuming Urusei Yatsura reviews, of course.  A friend of mine has digitized all the DVDs, which will make it easier to grab screenshots. (I’ve gone so far as to order a copy of the Laserdisc of the 5th movie, since my DVD is the UK release.)
  • I’m also planning to expand my Takahashi reviews to add Maison Ikkoku!  I’d been meaning to recap more of her works, and I recently got a complete set of the DVDs from eBay (I’d previously only had 5/8 of them).  The TV series didn’t overlap, but the manga did, so it seems appropriate to cover them both.
  • In addition to that, there’s a third recap I want to start: an overview of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 1970s, specifically the period between their run in Adventure and Paul Levitz’s second run.  This period has some of my favorite stories, but it tends to be underappreciated, and with DC picking up their reprints from where the Archives left off, this is a good time to highlight the era. (I recently filled in the holes in my collection from the Action and Superboy backup eras, so I’ll have the originals available.)
  • More mini photos!  I’m close to finishing the Bones Kraken mini, and I recently received this monster:
  • At Anime Central this year I did my first real cosplay in a while, movie Logan (the mid-movie version, which doesn’t stand out as cosplay, and the end-of-movie bloodsoaked undershirt version, which does).  There are photos.

Stick around!  I have big plans, knock wood.  Until next time, the Woggle-Bug says “Hey buddy, how can I get this car out of second gear?”.


6 thoughts on “Still alive

  1. First off, let me say welcome back. 🙂
    It’s partially because of your blog that I started re-watching UY. I found a YouTube channel a couple of years ago where someone had rips of every episode, OVA and movie loaded there, I hadn’t seen it in years and what I had was all VHS and it wasn’t much. I’m not sorry to say I downloaded them all to a large HD and made a backup. I found your blog when doing a search for a way to get the Blurays and finally took a plunge and ordered the whole thing from Japan. But your reviews were clean and honest which made me decide to get them in a more permanent format. I look forward to seeing what you post going forward!

  2. Hey – I stumbled across your blog. I have a very fine to excellent German hardcover edition of encyclopedia Vampyrica. I know that it’s sought after. I have no sentimental attachment to it – it was given to me along with some other rpg books.

    So, I am looking to sell. But have no
    Idea how much to charge. I would be ever so grateful for any guidance.

    • That’s a good question; there isn’t a lot of data to go on, because it doesn’t come up for sale very often. There are only two recent sold EVs on US eBay; a BIN for $95 and an auction for $36.50. There haven’t been any sales for the German edition, but an English copy sold in Germany for $118. In comparison, the cheapest copy of the English edition on any eBay is $162, and $500 on Amazon, while the German edition starts at 250 euros on

      If you’re planning to sell on eBay, your best bet is to wait for someone who really wants it and is willing to pay, rather than someone who’s just looking for a bargain. My advice would be to list it as a Buy It Now with a price lower than the English edition, but be willing to accept offers. I got my copy for $22 on an eBay auction, so there wasn’t much competition for the auction (this was in 2015) and comparing the prices for the recent auction and BIN bears that out.

      Another thing I’d suggest is mentioning in the listing that the English edition had problems with the marginal notes being in the wrong locations, while the German edition has them correctly, and make it clear that the German is the original edition and the English is a translation. That should help elevate its perceived value over an English-first volume that was translated to another language. Mentioning the price on might also help; if you’re willing to ship internationally, you increase your chance of selling to a German-speaking collector, as well.

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