The Urusei Yatsura Viewing Project, part 104: “Sakura On My Mind!”


Episode 104: “Sakura On My Mind!”

Original airdate: March 14, 1984

Corresponding manga chapters: As original episode

Summary: Ataru narrates his memories of Sakura:

  • The first time he met her (episode 5a, “Sakura, Raving Beauty of Mystery”)
  • Sakura becomes the Tomobiki school nurse (episode 5b, “Virus in Distress”)
  • A brief interlude where Ataru muses about her beauty and mens’ response to it, and her response to them in the form of her hitting him. (Multiple brief scenes, including, disturbingly, her supposedly dead body in episode 75, “And Then There Were None”.)
  • Sakura gives Lum relationship advice (episode 66, “Happy Birthday My Darling”)
  • They spy on Sakura and Tsubame at the beach (episode 34, “Goblin In Distress, Yearning For People”)
  • They first meet Tsubame (episode 12a, “Battle Royal of Love”)
  • Ataru reveals that his true obstacle is Cherry (no idea; it’s just Cherry walking away from the school)
  • Eyecatch
  • Cherry shows up at the infirmary, asks about Ataru, and is thrown out a window (?)
  • Cherry turns up inside a giant peach (episode 67: “Found: The Valley of Peaches in the Camp-From-Hell!”)
  • Ataru covers another obstacle, Ten, starting with his turbo-charged potty scooter (episode 83, “Big Battle! Ten vs. Ataru”)
  • Sakura encounters Ten when he’s running away (episode 88, “Enraged Lum”)
  • Ten puts on a display in the sky to show his feelings for Sakura (episode 26, “Ten’s Love”)
  • Sakura and Cherry face off (?)
  • An army of Cherries attacks in Mrs. Moroboshi’s fantasy (although Ataru uses it as an example of Sakura’s reaction to Cherry instead) (episode 78, “Miserable! A Roving and Loving Mother!”)
  • Sakura comes into classroom 2-4 to retrieve Cherry, and knocks him around in annoyance (I swear I should be able to locate this one but can’t turn it up in a blog search)
  • Ataru rhapsodizes about Sakura’s looks (episode 5a again)
  • Sakura eats a ridiculous amount of food at a resort (episode 13b, “Full Course From Hell”)
  • Sakura pulls off her outfit to show her shrine maiden outfit (?)
  • Sakura poses in a red dress (?)
  • Ataru says he loves Sakura as he loves every other woman in the series, as we zoom around a circle of characters holding hands (episode 45, “Lum’s Class Reunion”)

Thoughts: Well, it’s a recap episode with no original footage (unlike the previous one), so there’s not a lot to say.  Doing a Sakura recap two episodes after a Sakura episode is a bit of an odd choice, but clearly the bar wasn’t too high for this one.

Next episode: Lum gets amnesia and wanders around the Mendou estate!


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