WoD collector’s update: Clan pins

Just a brief note in case anyone hadn’t heard: By Night Studios now has the Vampire Clan pins for sale on their website (which crashed shortly after the news came out).  They’re US$20 each (which means a complete set would be $940–it would be cool if they did package deals on, say, all the Great Clans or the Clans from a sect).  While I can understand some frustration that they’re no longer Kickstarter-exclusive, I also think it’s a bit unfair to take something that has broad appeal and artificially limit its availability without a compelling reason.  I had planned to get a Gangrel pin, but wound up increasing my pledge to get the limited edition Masquerade book instead.  The limited edition book has been held up for a long time now–it’s for good reasons and I don’t blame anyone for it, but given the choice I’d prefer everyone having access to the reward than no one having it.

These pins are also a bonanza to fans of the weird side corners of Vampire mythology–pretty much every bloodline of note from V20 has a pin, including extinct ones from Dark Ages like the Anda and Lhiannan.  The very idea of merchandise for these groups would have seemed absurd just a couple of years ago, but here we are.


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