The Urusei Yatsura Viewing Project, part 100: “Big Trouble in Bigger Vault!”


Episode 100: “Big Trouble in Bigger Vault!”

Triple digits!  Woo!

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How I’ll be spending the next year…


So my Bones II Kickstarter minis package arrived today (I jumped on it early and got into Wave 1).  This is a relatively sane amount compared to some hauls I’ve seen online, but there’s still a lot to work on here.  One cool thing is that it has a higher proportion of monsters. which I think I’m better at painting than human(oid)s, and will be useful for GMing.

While I’m at it, here’s a WIP:



That’s Kaladrax, the enormous skeletal dragon (who was, believe it or not, a $10 addon in the previous KS).  I’d held off on starting him because I wanted to get some experience and do a good job, but now that I’ve started he’s simpler than many other figures since he doesn’t have a lot of fine detail (but does have a lot of surface area).  This is just an early treatment–I’ve done the first real pass on the fleshy areas and horns/talons now, and am currently doing the first round of touchup.  He’s also not glued: I put him together unglued just to see how things went together and whether there was anything I should know in advance, but I’m doing most of the painting unassembled for ease of handling.

I’m hoping to get up more photos of my completed minis soon, since it’s been a while.

WoD collector’s update: Clan pins

Just a brief note in case anyone hadn’t heard: By Night Studios now has the Vampire Clan pins for sale on their website (which crashed shortly after the news came out).  They’re US$20 each (which means a complete set would be $940–it would be cool if they did package deals on, say, all the Great Clans or the Clans from a sect).  While I can understand some frustration that they’re no longer Kickstarter-exclusive, I also think it’s a bit unfair to take something that has broad appeal and artificially limit its availability without a compelling reason.  I had planned to get a Gangrel pin, but wound up increasing my pledge to get the limited edition Masquerade book instead.  The limited edition book has been held up for a long time now–it’s for good reasons and I don’t blame anyone for it, but given the choice I’d prefer everyone having access to the reward than no one having it.

These pins are also a bonanza to fans of the weird side corners of Vampire mythology–pretty much every bloodline of note from V20 has a pin, including extinct ones from Dark Ages like the Anda and Lhiannan.  The very idea of merchandise for these groups would have seemed absurd just a couple of years ago, but here we are.