The Urusei Yatsura Viewing Project, part 93: “Shutaro’s Jinxed Morning”


Episode 93: “Shutaro’s Jinxed Morning”

Back!  Sorry for the delay, but the holiday’s took a lot of my time and energy.  I’m back and ready to go, though!  Furthermore, since episode 93 is a recap episode, I’ll be doing two entries this time to make up for it.

Original airdate: December 14, 1983

Corresponding manga chapters: See the source episodes.

Summary: It’s nighttime, and we slowly make our way through the Mendou family estate to Shutaro Mendou’s bed, which lies in the middle of a vast airplane hangar.  He dreams of the dark, and calls for light, but it brings a series of images of him being humiliated by Ataru.  He draws his sword from under his pillow and strikes out as he wakes up, only to break it over the head of Cherry.  As they take the family octopuses for a walk, Cherry says that Mendou asked him to come by and talk about Ataru, so what’s the problem?  Mendou retorts that he didn’t want that sort of reminder while he was sleeping, to which Cherry replies that Mendou didn’t seem inclined to listen.

He flashes back to a series of examples of Ataru’s great power (some of which he wasn’t there for, but that’s flashback episodes for you).  Ryoko repeatedly calls them to breakfast, then blows up the bridge they’re standing on.  At the breakfast table, Cherry tells Mendou that he won’t be able to defeat Ataru by striking at his weak point, as flashbacks demonstrate.  Mendou insists that if they could compete on the field of his natural advantages, he’d win, but Cherry counters that his weakness is thinking he’s better than everyone else, and he’s nothing without his external assets.

After another set of flashbacks, Ryoko points out that it’s 9 minutes past Mendou’s usual departure time.  He rushes out; Ryoko tells Cherry that if he makes her brother suffer more, he’s invited for dinner.  He’s tossed after Mendou down a tunnel that leads to a family bomber, which launches with fighter jet support.  In the lounge, Cherry tells Mendou to stop interfering with Ataru and Lum.  A series of flashbacks show that nothing will come between those two.  Mendou insists he’s going to stand by, just in case, and Cherry shows another set of flashbacks with the humiliations he’s suffered as a result.  Mendou loses it, slices the couch Cherry’s sitting on in half, and chases him down to the hold.  Cherry dodges his charge, and Mendou shoots out a hatch, plummeting parachute-less through the high school roof into classroom 2-4.  He lands on the Stormtroopers, knocking them out.  When he comes to, he chases Ataru with his sword drawn, but Lum stops him with an electric blast.

Source episodes, to the best of my ability to identify:

  • Mendou serves okayu to Ataru in his harem (episode 21b, “Wake Up to a Nightmare”)
  • Mendou and Ataru duel with apples and cannons (episode 14a, “Mendou Brings Trouble”)
  • Ataru is chased through the streets carrying a flower (episode 29, “From Gardenia With Love”)
  • Ataru wades knee-deep through sakura petals to get at Ran (episode 18a, “Girls’ Day! The Coming of Ran”)
  • Boxing match between Ataru and Torajima (episode 43, “The Terror of Meow”)
  • Ataru crosses the Mendou family complex to reach Ryoko (episode 50, “The Mendou Siblings!”)
  • Ataru and Mendou tie in the class president election (episode 14a, “Mendou Brings Trouble”)
  • Ataru and Mendou have a tennis duel (episode 17b, “Demonic Jogging”)
  • Ataru mocks Mendou after he loses a set-up lottery (?)
  • Mendou family masquerade/battle royale (episode 61, “The Mendou Family ‘Masked Ball'”)
  • Ataru combs his hair, then messes it up (?)
  • Shinobu yells at Mendou for have a green-and-orange striped face (episode 62, “Space Cold Panic!”)
  • Rei out-handsomes Mendou (episode 36, “Rei Returns! The Big Study-Hall Panic!”)
  • The masquerade again (episode 61)
  • Lum’s arranged marriage (episode 22, “The Great Space Matchmaking Operation”)
  • Ataru and Mendou are jealous of Lum walking on the arm of a dark, handsome man, and Mendou slices a watermelon (episode 82, “Full of Sunshine, Full of Amours”)
  • Lum and Ataru’s first official date (episode 39, “Thrilling Summer Date”)
  • Lum and Ataru hold hands in the snow (episode 10, “Pitter Patter Christmas Eve”)
  • Rei clobbers Mendou  when he tries to protect Lum (episode 36 again)
  • The watermelon god flattens Mendou (episode 40, “Goodbye, Summer Days”)

(The two with question marks are very brief and didn’t turn up in a keyword search.)

Thoughts: Well, it’s a flashback episode.  It’s pretty good as flashback episodes go, and has a decent framing sequence, but there’s not a lot to say.  There will be a few more of these during this season, as they take shortcuts while producing Beautiful Dreamer.

Next episode: A snowman from space!


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