Collecting classic World of Darkness, part 7a: Mage merchandise

Mage: the Ascension is the last of the oWoD games that had a large amount of merchandise produced back in the day.  This will be the last standalone merchandise article, therefore, because from here on out it’s mostly going to be “a set of dice and a pin”, which isn’t worth an entire article.

As follows the usual pattern, Mage is #3 in the amount of merchandise available, after Vampire and Werewolf.  One reason for that is they didn’t generally market Tradition/Convention-specific items in the way they did with the clans and tribes–there are no Tradition pins or necklaces.  As a result, most of the Mage merchandise is part of a set of three that cover the first three games.  It also doesn’t have much third party licensing–it’s not a concept that lends itself to, say, PC/console games as well as some of the others, and it doesn’t have a notable amount of awareness outside the gaming world.

The symbol usually used for Mage as a whole is the symbol of the Prime sphere, which looks like this:


Also note: One thing you’ll run across when searching online is material from Matt Wagner’s Mage comic book; make sure you’re not mixing the two up.

Dice.  Going by what I’ve found online, there were two versions:

  • Pre-Revised: Purple bag with Prime symbol, dice lighter purple and slightly marbled with gold numbers, box with Magician Tarot card on front
  • Revised: Purple bag with Prime symbol, dice darker purple and solid with gold numbers, box with Revised logo and Prime symbol

As with all of the WoD dice sets, these tend to run expensive when they turn up on eBay.

Miniatures. Ral Partha released a few miniatures in male/female pairs, representing some of the splats.  These show up from time to time and run about $5 or so per set.

Cards.  There was no MtA CCG; however, for the true completist, some mages appear in VtES and Rage.  The Tarot decks were covered in the previous article.

Novels. The MtA fiction line continued until the original WoD was shut down, so there are a reasonable number out there; they’re covered on White Wolf’s official checklist.

T-shirts.  The catalog I have lists two, an original and a Revised; there may be others.  These rarely turn up online, and run in the $15-20 range when they do.

One of the Mage 20th Anniversary Edition Kickstarter tie-ins will be POD Tradition/Convention T-shirts; the final designs haven’t been released yet.

Jewelry.  I only know of one Mage pin, with the Prime symbol in light purple (and a slightly odd shape because the points on the top are one unit.  It turns up from time to time, at the usual pin price range ($20+).

The catalog I have doesn’t list Mage jewelry in the Java’s Crypt entry, but there was at least one, a silver necklace of the Prime symbol (surprise).

Coffee mug. Purple with white marbling, the 2nd edition Mage logo on one side and the Prime symbol on the other.  This one doesn’t turn up too often.

Lighter. A purple Zippo with the Prime symbol and revised Mage logo in yellow.  It turns up on eBay about as often as the Vampire lighters and more often than Werewolf, and runs around $30-40.

Temporary tattoos. Update!  I originally had these listed under Apocrypha, but I now have a set in my actual possession (Virtual Adepts, for the record).  They’ve run around $10 on eBay.  One noteworthy thing about them is that they’re the only classic Mage merchandise that’s specific to a Tradition rather than the line as a whole.


Scented candle. This is listed in the WW catalog along with the Vampire and Werewolf candles.  However, I have less reason to believe this was ever released than the others–Noble Knight and the game store product listing both have the VtM and WtA candles listed but not the Mage.


These are all the MtA tie-ins I’m aware of.  As always there are probably some limited and promotional items I don’t know about, but unlike Vampire I don’t get the impression that there are more than I could ever keep track of.  Next up: Mage, possibly with a special bonus!  Until next time, the Woggle-Bug says “Damn these electric sex pants!”


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