A missed opportunity

Riffing with my housemate Kathleen on the following quote from Cracked.com:

So what if we replaced Swamp Thing with Superman and Mrs. Swamp Thing with a new motivation to putz around Gotham, like an ancient, weird-ass Kryptonian superweapon that crash lands in the duck pond at Arkham Asylum? (This being Arkham, the ducks are inmates too.)

raised the following questions:
  • Putting aside any characters from Darkwing Duck, about the only major bird-themed supervillain is the Penguin. (After that, you start getting into losers like Raptor from G.I. Joe.) This is an unfilled niche.
  • There really should be a duck-themed supervillain.
  • Why is there not a duck-themed supervillain called the Canard? (Who would operate out of Canard Base.) If there is one, Google is not leading me to them.

C’mon, DC & Marvel–don’t pass up a winning idea just because it’s absurd!  That’s never stopped you before.

(ETA: It has been pointed out to me that I overlooked the Vulture as another major bird-themed supervillain.  My apologies to Mr. Toomes and his family.)


2 thoughts on “A missed opportunity

    • I considered mentioning Howard, but I don’t remember him having much in the way of duck villains–he is “Trapped in a world he never made!”, after all. I do treasure this line from his Wiki entry, though: “Another important villain was the Sinister S.O.O.F.I. (Save Our Offspring from Indecency) organization, whose leader was implicitly Anita Bryant, though she looked like an old, fat Elvis Presley with a smiley face/orange on her head.”

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