Dem bones

Like a lot of gamers, I jumped in on last year’s Reaper Bones miniatures Kickstarter after it became clear that the basic package was going to be ridiculously good from all the stretch goals.  I paid for it and my friends bought the ones they wanted off me, so I still have a large number (and most of the monsters, since I’m already the one with a large-ish mini collection).  I’ve been painting them in my spare time, and while I’m still learning the ropes to some degree I thought I’d post what I’d already painted.  (The number remaining is much larger.)

(Note that some of these look better in person than they do in close-up photos with a flash–this has shown me some that need touching up, though, which is useful.)


I started with rats to learn how the Bones material worked, since I had a bunch of them and they’re hard to mess up.

Arachnids 2 Bugs 1

Various bugs were next, again for practice. (The bodies of those beetle swarms are easy but getting every little crevice the right color can be a pain.  I need to go back and do the spider swarms as well.)

Skeletons 1

After that, skeletons, since they’re a great way to practice both drybrushing and washes/inks.

Zomies 1

Zombies! The ones in the middle are the result of drybrushing over a dark base (which produces something that looks like a character out of Black Hole).  I’m not as happy with the ones on the outside, but I also don’t like that sculpt as much.

Goblins 2

Four of the Pathfinder goblins.  The one on the front left was bent in shipping, and I hadn’t read the suggestions on using hot water to bend them to the right shape until after I’d already painted it, so it appears to be intently looking for coins on the ground.  Since their armor seems to be patched together from random pieces I used different colors of metallic paint to play up its haphazardness.

Ghost 2

One of the first ones that really turned out exactly as I wanted.  An undercoat of black and a metallic topcoat do wonders.

Ghast 1 Monsters 1

A ghast (the eyes look better in person) and a mimic and rust monster, or as Reaper calls them, a “copier” and an “oxidation beast”.

Golems 1

Clay and flesh golems.  The flesh golem turned out particularly well; that’s a green undercoat, a few different fleshtones, a drybrush of Army Painter’s Necrotic Flesh, and a black ink.

People 2

A mix of humans: an elf wizard, a serving wench, and a pirate.  The wizard is apparently supposed to be a wood elf, but there’s nothing in the sculpt that points strongly to that, so I went for a more celestial look.  The wench has a bit of a skin condition because I really haven’t mastered eyes yet and there was a lot of correction.

Assassin & ranger 2Ranger 1

A couple of PC types: an assassin and two rangers.  The assassin shows the places where I missed the topcoat on the inside of his cloak, unfortunately. (It’s hard to tell where the leg leaves off and the cloak picks up.)

Lizard men 1 Dragon man 1

Reptile types, male.  The dragon man on the right is unfinished because he got misplaced temporarily after Thanksgiving cleanup. (I like the detail that his shield is made from a turtle shell.)

Snake women 1 Snake women 2

Snaky types, female.  The photo makes it clear that I need to apply the red ink to the marilith’s torso a little more consistently, but she was another one I had to touch up a lot.  I started with a red base on her and decided to go for a coral snake pattern, since it looks striking and coral snakes are underused; that gave me her overall color scheme.

Orcs 1 Orcs 2 Orcs 3

My latest completed project (except the bases): orcs! Part of me thinks I should darken the armor a little more, since orcs aren’t noted for using a lot of spit and polish, but I wanted their palette to be a bit distinct from the goblins.

Armor 1

The WIP: guys in armor. (I’ve taken to doing figures that group together well in batches, so I can basecoat them at the same time and use the same colors for multiple figures.  These had a black basecoat on the armored bits and a first layer of either gunmetal or plate mail metallic paint added. (The guy second from the right is almost finished just from that; I need to paint the axe, fill in the bit on his right foot that I missed, and paint a few straps and highlight or shade some bits for added texture).

I meant to, but forgot, to take a photo of the unfinished minis I have as well.  I got some of the bigger pieces but am saving them for later, since I don’t want to take on a $75 skeletal dragon model until I’m sure I can do it justice.

Until next time, the Woggle-Bug says, “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”.


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