The real introduction post

So, I’m finally getting around to starting the blog I’ve been planning to write for a while now.  My name is Doug Atkinson, and I have random thoughts on a wide variety of topics that I’m hoping to set down here.

Topics of interest that I might cover:

  • Role-playing games.  I recently completed a set of every classic World of Darkness gamebook, and collecting cWoD is one of the topics I want to cover.  I’ve played a wide variety of games, mostly tabletop but also Vampire LARPing.
  • Comic books.  My biggest claim to ‘net fame is The Annotated Watchmen, which I wrote over twenty years ago.  I also maintained a Legion of Super-Heroes FAQ back in the days of Usenet.  I’m still more of a DC than Marvel person these days.
  • Anime.  I’ve been on the staff of Anime Central for over a decade now.  I’m largely out of touch with current series (I kind of burned out on the local university anime club a few years ago) but it’s still an interest that might come up.
  • I have my toe in a wide variety of other geek interests, including video gaming and reading a variety of F/SF.  There are too many to break down quickly, but they’ll come up as appropriate.
  • One of my less-standard areas of interest is British radio comedy.  I work on a computer in my day job, and spend the day listening to BBC series.  (I enjoy British TV comedy as well, but there’s less opportunity to sample a wide variety of it.)  Current favorites include Dilemma and anything by John Finnemore.
  • Finally, as some of you may have guessed from the name of this blog, I’m a big Oz fan as well.  (I wrote a GURPS Oz sourcebook when I was in grad school, a draft of which may still be floating around online somewhere.)

For those of you wondering about the title of the blog, it’s from a newspaper series L. Frank Baum wrote called Queer Visitors from the Land of Oz; every entry ended with someone asking the Woggle-Bug (a character who first appeared in The Marvelous Land of Oz) a question, and the catchphrase was, well, “What did the Woggle-Bug say”?  (There are more details in the Woggle-Bug’s Wikipedia entry, for the terminally curious.)

Until next time, the Woggle-Bug says “Be excellent to each other”.


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